Kong Flute K2


KONG flute K2, hand-crafted flute from tough recyclable polymer and wood in the key of B, white colour.

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KONG flute K2 is a 6-hole flute designed and hand-crafted from tough recyclable polymer and wood in New Zealand to be one of the easiest to learn and cheapest musical instruments. By using the simplest fingering system, same as the tin whistle, you will be able to start playing some tunes in minutes. The K2 flute sounds soothing, mellow and plays one and a half octaves in the key of B. Ideal for playing both indoor and outdoor. A good beginner’s flute, student practice flute and gift, for all ages. The K2 flute ships with instruction and a practice tune. More tunes available from our learning centre website https://educational.co.nz/category/music/.


Obladi Oblada played on KONG flute K2

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