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Yen moved from Borneo Island with his family to the North Island of Aotearoa New Zealand in 2007 via Hong Kong and Sydney. He was educated in Melbourne in the eighties studying computer programming, and later completed his post-graduate diploma study in computing, and certificate in adults literacy and numeracy in New Zealand. He is a qualified vocational and workplace tutor. He has worked and held various positions in the information technology, health, hospitality, animal health and education industries in Borneo, Hong Kong, China, Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years.

Yen is an active volunteer. He supports and trains literacy, numeracy, computing and ESOL at some non-profit organizations and a local primary school in the Bay of Plenty. In 2008 he founded Magic Maketu, a community project that provides free education and services to the community. He enjoys cooking and shares his home cooked recipes on the NZ educational website. He contributes to the community learning centre regularly. Currently he works part time and trains clinical software at two Bay of Plenty District Health Board’s hospitals. He is a member of a Rotary Club in Maketu.

He created BRO & BRO in 2018 to raise awareness of wildlife protection. His first publication of BRO & BRO cartoon book is based on the stories and adventure of two cartoon characters Bro and Bro, aka Pukeko and Tui, New Zealand’s native birds. This book is unique, humorous, educational and tickling your funny bone. Yen is the author, designer, illustrator, publisher and copyright owner of the Bro & Bro cartoon book entitled ‘One Stone Two Birds’. Printed in New Zealand on recycled paper, this is a truly special book and a perfect gift to make everyone smile. Enjoy!

Currently Yen is publishing a new children’s education series, ‘Birds of New Zealand‘ (native, introduced, extinct) on the educational website. Follow this link to the New Zealand Birds series.

He is starting another new BRO & BRO series, digital portrait. Also, he has been working on translation of the BRO & BRO cartoon series in other languages.

All projects are copyright protected. BRO & BRO is a registered trademark, and is one of the Ngow Family Foundation’s charity projects. All proceeds are donated to charity. Many many thanks for your support and purchase.


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