Get a copy of our new book ‘Recorder for beginners level 1’ and start making music with a recorder. It is simply the best recorder workbook for music classes at school. It was written for teachers or anyone wanting to teach and learn how to play a recorder, assuming no music background. Learners do get plenty of after school learning support from our online educational website for free. We are posting new songs on the learning website from time to time so you can keep practising. Practice songs are categorised from level 1 to 3 (advanced).

Recorder for beginners level 1 workbook

  • Recommended lesson plan
    • Ten lessons – each lesson = one hour
    • Once a week
    • Introduction to music
    • Recorder basics
    • Using simplified music notes
    • Learn ten songs
    • Hundreds of practice songs available on our educational website, learn at your own pace

Music for life

Music is joy and for life. Learning music helps in memory, attention, concentration, coordination, language, maths, brain workout, social skill, discipline and more.

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