Music gig

Live music for seniors

Have you ever had the experience of hearing an old tune and suddenly being transported mentally and emotionally to a specific time in your past? This is a common experience for many people.

Music can trigger long forgotten memories and reduce anxiety. Music has been proven to promote better health and a higher level of functioning. Memories associated with music are firmly embedded in our brain. We hold on to music related memories long after others fade away.

Music sometimes can reach senior people when language alone cannot, enabling them to express themselves. One area where access to music can be absent is elderly care. Among older people living with cognitive decline, isolation and loneliness, these feelings of happiness, safety and togetherness that music brings about can be invaluable.

Kong music is bringing the enjoyment, excitement and benefits of live music back into old peoples’ homes.

Kong music

Established in early 2021 during the pandemic time, Kong music has been making musical instruments for sale to raise fund for charity. To date over 50 pieces of instruments have been sold or donated. Kong music has created hundreds of musical notes of famous tunes for learners to practise on our educational website. New practice songs are being recorded and added to the list from time to time.

The Kong music gig is a solo woodwind musical instrument performance we provide to entertain seniors at elderly care homes. This service is also a dedication to Kong’s beloved mother, a dementia patient currently in an aged care home in Borneo, and to his grandmother-in-law who died of dementia recently.

Gig session

  • Songs – 10
  • Length – 30+ minutes
  • Venue – elderly care home
  • Appointment – by email
  • Free


Music to me is like breathing, I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music – Ray Charles